Privacy Policy

Effective from 23rd May, 2024


At Ascompay, safeguarding our customers' personal information is paramount. Our Data Privacy Policy delineates our approach to collecting, utilizing, disclosing, and safeguarding data obtained through our wallet services for both offline and online transactions, encompassing inter and intra transfers with other financial institutions. We strictly adhere to the Nigerian Data Protection Act 2023 (NDPR) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines to uphold the utmost standards of data protection.

Information You Provide to Access Our Service

To access the AscomPay Services, customers' data is electronically collected when they visit our website or mobile application. This involves gathering personally identifiable information voluntarily submitted by you. The information encompasses:  

Sign- Up Information: When registering to use our services, we collect Personal Data essential to fulfill your requests. A Know Your Customer (KYC) process will necessitate you to provide your name, gender, date of birth, facial photo, residential address, government-issued identification, utility bill, email address, and mobile number to create an account. Additionally, we will require your NIN and/or BVN in compliance with regulations and to enhance our KYC processes. Furthermore, as you continue to use our services, we may request additional necessary personal details.

Financial Information, such as: Bank account details and payment card numbers you add to your AscomPay account.

Transaction Information: When you utilize our digital platform for sending and receiving money, making purchases from merchants, paying bills, accepting, or requesting payment, we gather various information. This includes details like when and where the transactions take place, the names of the transacting parties, transaction descriptions, payment, or transfer amounts, as well as information about the devices, amounts paid for products or services, merchant information, geolocation, and payment methods used to complete the transactions.

Participant Contact Information: When you request us to make a payment, we gather information from you about the intended recipient. As part of this process, we will ask you to manually enter their contact details, including their name and financial account information.

Image Information: When you provide images of documents, pictures, or any other necessary materials to access our services, rest assured that we handle your data with the utmost care and respect for your privacy. Your information is solely used to facilitate account processing and enhance your user experience. We employ stringent security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access or disclosure. Your images are kept confidential and are not shared with third parties without your explicit consent, except as required by law or for service provision. If you have any concerns, please contact us. Your trust is important to us.

Data Obtained from Your Use of Our Services

We gather details about you and the devices you utilize to access our Services, whether it's a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. This includes:

Geolocation Information: Your device's location, including its IP address, device language, and network provider location. This may encompass precise geolocation data. For more details and instructions on how to disable precise geolocation data collection from your mobile device, please consult this link.

Device Information: Information about your device, such as its hardware model, operating system and version, device name, unique identifier, mobile network details, browser type, and interactions with our Services.

Internet or Electronic Network Activity Information: Insights into your usage patterns and interactions with our Services, including access times, login and logout times, browser type, IP address, your internet service provider's domain name, device details, specific pages visited, viewed content, utilized features, date and time of usage, search queries, and the website visited before accessing our Services.

Inferences: Conclusions drawn from the data collected to create a profile reflecting your preferences, characteristics, and behavior. These inferences serve purposes such as enhancing account security or optimizing our Services tailored to your needs.

How do we use your personal information?

The personal information obtained from and related to you online, as delineated in this Notice, serves a multitude of purposes:

  • Facilitating the delivery of products and services by verifying your identity, processing applications and transactions, and providing customer service/support, including location-specific services near your area.
  • Enhancing your digital and mobile experience by refining the organization and design of our websites and apps, analyzing data to provide relevant alerts, products, or services.
  • Delivering advertising on our platforms, third-party sites, and offline channels like financial centers and call centers.
  • Detecting and preventing fraud, identity theft, and other risks to you or AscomPay.
  • Conducting analytics on your usage of our online services, including responses to emails and interactions with pages/advertisements.
  • Compliance with legal requirements, industry standards, contractual obligations, and internal policies.
  • Enabling features within our platforms by accessing personal information from your device, such as contact lists or geo-location for specific services.
  • Providing event notifications, improving event effectiveness, enhancing products/services, and expanding business operations.

We retain personal information for the duration mandated by laws, regulations, and business requirements, ensuring its secure deletion when legally permissible.

Aggregated / De-identified Information

The personal data we gather may be compiled and/or anonymized (stripped of any identifying elements). We may then share this aggregated and/or anonymized data with third-party providers to enhance the delivery of products, services, and content that align better with the preferences of our online service users. Furthermore, we may utilize this information for our internal business purposes, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Our Services are tailored for adult users, and we do not intentionally gather Personal Information from individuals under the age of 13. Should you suspect that a child has shared Personal Information with us, kindly get in touch, and we will promptly address the matter.

With whom do we share your personal information?

The personal information we gather from and about you online, as outlined in this Notice (and subject to any other legal restrictions and notices applicable to your relationship with us), may be shared with the following entities:

  • Fraud Prevention and Risk Management: to aid in the prevention o fraud or the assessment and management of risk.
  • Customer Service: for the purpose of providing customer service, including account servicing or dispute resolution.
  • Legal Compliance: to assist in meeting legal obligations such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing verification requirements, as well as compliance with regulations set forth by the Central Bank of Nigeria regarding Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.
  • Service Providers: to facilitate the support of our business operations by service providers contracted with us, including those involved in fraud prevention, billing, marketing, customer service, address verification, and technology services. Our agreements with these service providers stipulate that they utilize customer information solely for the services they provide on our behalf, without benefiting themselves.


At AscomPay, we prioritize the safeguarding of customer information, employing stringent information security measures. Your personal data is protected through a combination of physical, technical, and administrative controls aimed at mitigating risks such as loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. These measures include the use of computer safeguards like firewalls and data encryption, as well as the implementation of strict protocols for physical access to our facilities and files. Access to personal information is restricted to employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities.

The security of your AscomPay account is further reinforced by the confidentiality of your PIN. It is imperative that you refrain from sharing your PIN with anyone, as no AscomPay employee will ever solicit this information from you. Any request for your PIN via email or correspondence should be regarded as unauthorized and suspicious, and promptly forwarded to We are committed to promptly addressing such inquiries.

If you disclose your PIN to third parties, they will gain access to your account and personal data, potentially holding you liable for any misuse. In the event of suspected unauthorized access to your PIN by a third party, we urge you to promptly log into your AscomPay profile, change your PIN, and notify us without delay.

Data Retention

AscomPay stores personal data for as long as necessary or permitted based on the purpose(s) for which it was collected and in accordance with applicable laws. Our retention periods are determined by:

  • The duration of our ongoing relationship with you and the provision of our Services (e.g., for as long as you continue to use our Services).
  • Any legal obligations we must adhere to (e.g., certain laws mandate the retention of transaction records for a specific period before deletion).
  • Consideration of our legal position (e.g., relevant statutes of limitations, ongoing legal proceedings, or regulatory inquiries).

User Rights and Choice

Customers in our care are endowed with data protection entitlements and have access to the following privileges:

  • Customers are entitled to request copies of their personal data, referred to as the right to access.
  • Customers retain the right to request the rectification of any inaccuracies in the Personal Information we hold about you.
  • Customers have the right to request the deletion of the Personal Information we have collected about them.
  • Customers have the right to request restrictions on the processing of their personal data, subject to specific conditions.
  • Customers retain the right to object to Our Company's processing of their personal data, subject to certain conditions.
  • Data portability allows customers to request the transfer of the data we've gathered to another organization or directly to them, subject to specific conditions.
  • Customer requests pertaining to any of the aforementioned rights will be processed within a timeframe of 2 to 4 business weeks. Customers have the option to reach out to us via email or by sending correspondence to our physical address

Changes to This Policy

Occasionally, updates may be made to this Notice. Such revisions can occur for various reasons, such as aligning with industry standards, legal adjustments, or modifications to the Services' scope. To determine the latest update, please refer to the date indicated at the outset of this Notice. Any modifications will take effect upon the publication of the revised Notice on the Site

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